Our Charter

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School Vision

"To develop life long learners who have the skills, values, knowledge and confidence to fulfil their potential, enjoy personal happiness and make a positive contribution to society"

We value the relationships within and beyond our local setting. We are future focussed with a lens on environmental issues and sustainable ideas and practices. We are powerful advocates for the development of a personalised, grounded and broad education for our students, that is underpinned by a well resourced, supportive and connected community.

T.R.I.B.E Programme and Values

We are committed to maximizing the potential of all students, empowering them to be critical thinkers who are capable of making good life choices. We set out to develop students who are enthusiastic, self-motivated, success oriented learners. We provide opportunities for them to embrace challenge, be adaptive, be resilient, and to work capably with a range of people and situations.

Teamwork is about working together effectively, about supporting each other and about achieving more together than you can by yourself.

Resilience is about overcoming disappointments,  learning from mistakes,  persevering with challenges and staying positive.

Integrity is about honesty with yourself and with others,  doing the “right thing”, putting others first and about caring for people and property.

Broadmindedness is about trying new things, meeting new people, being open to ideas, accepting other opinions and having an awareness that we all have unique perspectives, cultures and values.

Excellence is about being the best you can be, knowing what you need to do next and having a plan to achieve this. It includes taking pride in your work and looking after your health and well being.

At Korokoro School we have the confidence to innovate and the motivation to succeed in a friendly and welcoming environment. Learning and student achievement are fundamental to our existence.

We want our students to value the importance of respect, self worth, honesty, and aspiration and be able to apply these values in their daily lives.

These important core values and beliefs are actively promoted and encouraged through our T.R.I.B.E programme. Integrity is our underpinning value, sustained by collaboration, resilience and personal excellence.

School Overview

A partnership exists between students, parents and staff with all three being involved in the growth and development of Korokoro School students. There is a tangible positive “feel” within and around the school. We have a hugely supportive community and Board of Trustees, a highly professional, caring and dedicated staff and students who love coming to school.

We want our students to experience the full breadth of the New Zealand Curriculum and to embrace the Arts, Science, Sport, Health and Social Sciences. We use Inquiry Learning as a way to foster student interests and to ensure that all students have the chance to compete, perform, explore and participate.

Our teachers are skilled multi level practitioners and our classroom programmes cater for the needs of all students.

The school places an emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry learning. We also offer a wide range of extra curricular activities including: guitar, drums, choir, ukelele, waterpolo, touch rugby, netball, tennis, football, enviro group, and athletics. Te Reo Maori and Maori tikanga are included in teaching and learning programmes. We have weekly Kapa Haka lessons for all students.

Treaty of Waitangi

We acknowledge New Zealand's cultural diversity and the unique position of Māori as tangata whenua. We recognise and value all cultures at our school, and acknowledge the special position of Māori in New Zealand society.

We respect each person's culture and their right to follow their cultural direction. We promote the value of te reo (Māori language) and tikanga Māori (Māori culture).

We promote Māori achievement and equal opportunities for all members of the school community, including our staff and our students who need extra support at school.

These principles guide our practice and are incorporated into our policies and procedures.

Strategic Goals 2022-2024

Through the provision of:
Well appointed, managed and professionally developed staff, relevant, safe and well maintained ICT and property infrastructures.
Adequate and targeted finances: